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Ancient Pathways has been offering experientially-based courses in Wilderness Survival, Primitive Skills, and Bushcraft since 1989. Our approach is light on lecture and heavy on the application of practical skills that have been extensively field-tested.

Tony Nester, Instructor for Ancient Pathways, LLC - specializing in Outdoor Survival, Wilderness Courses and Urban Survival Skills.All outdoor survival courses are instructed by Tony Nester and his staff. Tony has been involved in the outdoors his entire life and began his survival training in 1985. He has taught survival throughout the US and is a regular contributor to Outside Magazine.

Our survival training courses are held in the high-desert of Arizona and range from 2-21 days. This region is rich in natural-history and archeology and, in addition to learning valuable outdoor skills, you will be able to explore ancient ruins and hike in some of the finest canyon country in North America. In addition to offering courses for the general public, we are also the primary provider of desert survival training for the military special operations community whom we are honored to work with.

Ancient Pathways courses continue to attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the world who come to Arizona to attend our training and we hope you will consider joining us on the trail this season for an adventure in the Southwest.

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Also, check out the new Navy Seal Survival Manual by Skyhorse Publishing. Tony was a contributing writer for the chapters on desert survival and living off the land.

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It has been said that the best way to remain "civilized" is to get away from civilization for a while. So, check out our upcoming list of wilderness courses this season and join us for an outdoor survival learning adventure that you won't forget.


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Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.
Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.   Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.

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