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An amazing desert panorama - One of the many experiences you will see during your Corporate or Military Desert Survival Course.Our Desert Survival Courses are designed to provide in-depth coverage of the skills needed to adapt to and survive in arid regions.  All of these courses emphasize survival psychology, the physiological requirements of humans in arid regions, desert survival priorities, and hands-on training in a multitude of both primitive and modern survival skills.

Desert Survival Seminar (3 Hours) - This workshop will provide an introduction to desert survival basics and facets of ecology unique to the desert.  Relying on classroom lecture and slideshows, students will become familiar with desert skills such as emergency shelters, water location, signal mirror practice, overview of heat-related injuries, and survival kits for car and backpack. 

Basic Desert Survival Skills (1 to 2 Day Courses Available) - This comprehensive course will offer a solid foundation in the field skills involved in handling a desert survival situation.  This is a non-overnight course which utilizes a combination of classroom lecture, hands-on fieldwork, and group activities.  Food and water will be available.  Walking is limited to short distances.  Topics will include: survival psychology, heat-related injuries, natural and improvised shelters, water location and procurement, signaling methods, firemaking skills, edible and poisonous plants, and desert hazards such as snakes, scorpions, and flash floods. 

Desert Survival Fieldcourse (2-7 Day Courses Available) - Designed to provide firsthand experience in a field setting with the survival skills needed to survive in arid regions.  Students will
learn and apply the skills from the Basic Course but under semi-survival conditions.  Each day will bring a new set of skills and experience with different types of terrain.  Students will be traveling cross-country to predetermined locations while utilizing their survival and navigation skills. Individual gear will consist of a small survival kit, two canteens, space blanket, knife, foodpack, cooking pot, and appropriate clothing for the season.  Daily mileage will range from 3 to7 miles.  Students need to be in good physical condition. 


Our Homepage | Corporate/Military Training | Survival Course Calendar

Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.
Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.   Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.

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